community outreach

Community Outreach

Promotes the Kingdom of God and the Village of Faith by street witnessing and handing out of witnessing tracts and Village of Faith fliers.

We are committed to impacting the every day lives of people. Here are just a few examples of how we are ministering to the members of our church and to the community at large:


  • January 2014: Gave over 18 cars to single mothers since the inception of Cars 4 Christ
  • Spring 2012: Gave over 500 bicycles to Richmond area children during Palm Sunday and Easter Hunts
  • Spring 2008: Gave a car to a single mother from Brunswick County that lost her car in a tornado
  • Every weekend: A VOF Life Group serves in the Lord's Kitchen feeding people who are homeless



Responsible for the distributions of food and personal items to those in need in the community and beyond.

Check back often as schedule is subject to change.

Cancellation of service dates due to VOF and/or City of Richmond events will be communicated in a timely manner.

Click here to view the complete schedule.

Cars 4 Christ
LordsKitchen (homeless feed)
Bike give away (Easter for kids)